Your alarm goes off at 5:30AM. You wake up, take a shower, get dressed. You hurry off to work only to get stuck in traffic for hours. You get to the office, face your computer, and do the grind until the clock strikes five.

When working to the bone five days a week, it is not hard to get swallowed up by routines and have other important matters overlooked in the process. For a person who does everything for the comfort of loved ones, these should be self-care and quality time with family. It defeats the purpose of hardwork if there is hardly time to get breakfast, send the kids yourself to school or catch them still up at night. Your best bet are your rest days, but really, how do you spend it?

“Seize the day!” We hear this countless times and it has quickly become the favorite line of millennials and other individuals seeking get the most out of life. How can this work for your family? It is a cliché, but why is this quote important to achieve self-care and quality time with loved ones?

It strengthens the bond

Any form of activity done together as a family draws everyone closer together as long as it is safe and fun. Does your neighborhood have a swimming pool or a sports complex where you can play together? Better make use of it on a regular basis.

It gives recreation for everyone

Taking your mind off work and you kids’ off school should be accomplished on days when everyone is present. Shop or eat at local weekend markets, have a picnic at the park, play games in the yard, or watch the sunset together. A day spent together is a day well spent.

Promotes creativity

When you “seize the day,” you challenge your creativity. When you don’t want to let the day pass, you think of even the most random thing just to make it a productive one. These are the times when ideas come out and when everyone works together. Perhaps your family is fond of cooking, making DIY crafts, gardening, or dressing up. Even the simplest activities could spark the imagination.

It is a way to communicate

Talk openly, give random hugs, share a laugh, give surprise kisses. These are small gestures of love and care. Seize the day and let them feel it.

It is already a form of self-care

After all the time for work and family, looking after yourself remains an important thing to do. Read a book, go for a run, treat yourself to a nice dinner or a massage. However you spend your day, as long as it pleases you and leaves you recharged, it is self-care. Do it.

Dreaming for a better life and working towards it is admirable. But as you go through it, remember to always make every day count by doing something that will remind you why you are pushing yourself day by day. Remember that quality of life is not only about your level of comfort provided by how much you earn. It is also about good health and achieving happiness. What are you waiting for? Round up your family and go SEIZE THE DAY!