We all have a dream; a dream for our family, for our friends or just for ourselves. Some are ambitious while some are simple but of undoubted value and importance.  All these aspirations trailblaze our path,   paving and presenting a clear vision of where we want to go and what we want to be.

Dream BIG!

Dream big! That’s what we would normally hear from people around us. Admit it or not, that’s how our young minds were set. To drive our own car, buy a house, put up a huge business and even become a millionaire are just some of the goals that fall under this catchphrase. In a way, and considering the changing times, this has become overrated.

The chase for dreams that are larger than life has formed a pressure that gets even more intense as we adult. Sadly, this blinds us from the existing truth that there are small and simple dreams which could equally give us the fulfillment that we seek. From as simple as taking a trip or vacation, eating good food, treating yourself to new things, to spending a quiet time at home with the family doing things that everyone loves, we can be happy. Sometimes, if not always, it is truly the simplest of things that bring contentment.

Dreams come to life

This blog, “Dreams Come to Life”, is a platform which will widen your horizon on the humble yet fulfilling dreams and stories you can certainly relate to and be inspired by. It is an instrument that will let you feel the power of simple dreams and how they can give you the quality life you need.

This blog will take you to dream destinationsin and around the beautiful region of Cavite and the thriving land of our cabalen in Pampanga. You also need to be ready for a one of a kind gastronomic experience as this blog presents food and restaurantsthat you need to try and visit. Experience both through the Food + Travel section. There’s Art + Culture for the lovers of beauty and society. Drop by the Home + Living page for design and decor inspirations, housekeeping tips and lifestyle updates. Finally, what’s a blog without talking about everything Life + Relationships? It’s a place for everyone and your thoughts matter to us, so always leave us a message in the comments section of every blog entry and let’s talk!

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and aiming high. However, your small dreams can be a stepping stone towards your lifetime goals. It is our passion and the value we give to every dream, no matter how small they are, which brought us to this undertaking. We are really excited to share all these and more with you.

So take a deep breath, let the fire burn and feel the power of your simple dreams as they come to life!