In this world of screens we live in, it is a challenge to keep an eye out on our little ones and keep their interests not focused entirely on different devices. Fret not, this task is not at all impossible if only we put effort and time for our children, for changes like this start with us.

We’ve all been lectured about the damaging effects of too much time spent looking at screens of phones, computers, tablets, TVs, etc., especially for children. We’ve been told over and over by experts how prolonged use of these gadgets release certain harmful radio waves that could cause cancer among other ailments, spike stress levels and shorten attention span, induce brain complications, and more.

Now the question is, what are the alternatives we can try to keep children’s attention as we reduce, if not completely stop, time in front of screens? Here are the basics.

Educational or Instructive Toys

Playthings must not only entertain your children but should also serve as learning materials. There are many toys out there created mainly to train specific skills. Fun and learning in one!

Time outdoors

The benefits of time spent outdoors are endless. Children are natural explorers and letting them roam around in nature allows them to exercise their physical abilities. It also challenges their mental capacities as curiosity and thinking are sparked.


Nurture your child’s social skills through playtimes with other kids. Interacting with others teaches them empathy and other important life values that smartphones or computers cannot give. Talk to other parents and schedule a time and place where kids can spend time doing things together.

Project Day

Make your kids forget about YouTube by having them do actual projects. Make it a weekly activity like a cooking or baking, basic gardening, decorating the house for an occasion, or artworks. Such tasks will teach them responsibility and commitment.

Game nights

Board and card games, puzzles, or charades, anything that brings the family together and engage everyone’s interactive and cooperative spirit is better than hours spent in front of screens. Make it a tradition so your children will have something to look forward to and remember as they grow.

As technological devices prove to bring so much aid to users, we cannot entirely stop using them. What we can do though is to balance this with other activities that are worthwhile particularly for the young ones. Know that screen times will not teach children the more important values in life nor create treasured memories.

Let us raise them with the mindset that the real world is more exciting and beautiful than the impermanent virtual space.