We are in a strange time. In humanity’s fight against Corona Virus, our lives have been turned upside down. Everyone is waking up every day trying to make a new normal out of this circumstance we are all thrown in. If you live in towns that are under lockdown, you should be practicing home quarantine which makes doing many things that used to be standard and easy now very different and hard.

As the world shifts, we are all affected. This does not exempt children. Now to a kid’s little mind, this can all be very confusing. As parents, it is our duty to make them understand why we do what we do. Feeling a little lost? Here are some things that will help you deal with your child while on home quarantine.

Have patience

It can be a little overwhelming but we have to remember that our kids are going through a challenging adjustment too. They may keep asking the same questions over and over, but this is not the time to be annoyed at them and shut them down. Patiently answer their questions. Sometimes, although they are aware of the answers already, asking you is their way of connecting to you more.

Be their source of knowledge on COVID-19

Although complex, the issue at hand are tackled by various media in ways that are made especially for children. They may come in form of comics, short videos, or pictures that are simplified. Showing these to your children avoids fake news from infiltrating their minds. What a good way to bond too!

Getting the basic knowledge on the situation will greatly help your children understand why they have to stay at home. It is also important to teach them the basics during this time like washing hands regularly, keeping a good hygiene, eating healthy, and social distancing.

Inspire love and care in them

A huge part of home quarantine is to control the spread of the virus in our respected communities and therefore decreasing the number of sick people needing hospital treatment. Remind your kids that they are doing a good job staying indoors because this greatly helps the people working on the front lines do their job. This includes health workers, scientists and researchers, police and army, media broadcasters, cashiers, and service workers. This is also helpful to people who are more vulnerable like the elderly and the immune-compromised people. If you have any relatives who belong to these groups, remind your kids that they are especially staying home for them.

Be more connected

Although advised to avoid physical contacts, this is the time to be even more connected to your children in many other ways. Being away from their friends, the young ones often feel lonely while on home quarantine. So instead of obsessing on negative news on TV and on the internet, be there for your children by utilizing this time to do things together. Rearrange your home, do simple art projects, play games, cook food together, read books, or simply have conversations. There are many activities you can do to bond and keep yours and your children’s minds off the current issue too.

Have a little bit of sun and fresh air

Science and even history prove that sunlight and fresh air help patients of flu-related diseases get better. This is why there are lower cases of COVID in tropical countries. We know how much kids love being outdoors, so although it is limited at this time, go out to the yard or terrace, feel the early morning sun hit your skin, and breathe fresh air. It’s a natural disinfectant!

With the world battling COVID-19, we are all forced to stay home and have a lifestyle change. During these times, compassion and understanding are two of the most important values we must have. Home is where we should start practicing this, and our children should learn it here first. Their ideas about this global crisis and how they, as individuals part of bigger communities, can influence and help change the situation, is something parents should teach. After all, they are the next generation we are healing the world for.