Does landing into a good career mean success?

Without a doubt, the definition of success is far beyond that. Sure having a good job helps, but it is just one of the many ways towards a kind of achievement that is lasting and impactful. With your life responsibilities and dreams, isn’t financial freedom the true form of success you would want to accomplish?

The journey to financial independence is definitely not a walk in the park. Today’s taxing commute to and from work, restlessness from work and social pressures, and demands at home are just few of the many challenges that take place all at once. However, the biggest disappointment remains— the working class is paid just enough or in worse cases, underpaid, affording very little to no progress in financial stability.

This is why regular paychecks, for some, are just sufficient for the daily expenses and monthly bills, leaving nothing for the savings. All working individuals could relate to this dismaying reality. Sadly, this is a cycle which for most, happens until retirement.

Addressing this lifestyle plight, advisors firmly uphold financial freedom or independence as an important life goal. Chris Hogan, (n.d.), a financial expert, described it as the capability to make life decisions without being overly stressed about its financial impact. As Hogan further explained, this is when one controls his finances instead of being controlled by them. Similarly, Lumby (2018), an instructor of Financial Planning in Texas Tech University added that “Financial freedom is essentially about having autonomy and independence in the daily routine, allowing an individual to design a better life while spending his time, money, and energy in a more meaningful way.”

Hogan also added that a financially independent individual has a lot of options which means that in times of unexpected expenses, he is ready even if he is no longer employed. Suffice to say that financial freedom entails preparedness for whatever form of emergencies concerning money.

Financial advisors proposed some steps on how an individual can attain financial independence. Alongside having a good career and creating a strategy for saving, a working individual must learn about different investment options (Hogan, n.d.). This includes retirement savings, college savings, taxable investments and real estate. Among these, real estate investment is one of the wisest and safest avenues to get into. According to Reid Kirchenbauer (2018), an accomplished stock trader and property investor, real estate values in the Philippines will certainly increase over the years. He shared that “Strong population growth combined with a resilient economy means that demand for properties in prime locations will rise in the future”. This clearly suggests the importance of owning a property the soonest possible.  In addition, Hogan (n.d.) affirmed that “the sooner you start investing, the more time your money has to grow.”

Indeed, the road to financial freedom is a rocky ride. However, it is feasible for everyone. With discipline, right mindset, perseverance and hardwork, it is attainable to have a lifestyle which will no longer be solely dependent on a regular paycheck; a more meaningful life that every hardworking person desires and deserves.


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