Although the world came to a halt during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, for most of us, work continues. If we look at it in a different perspective, we are in fact lucky to have this opportunity. Work keeps going and paycheck keeps coming. Now all you have to do is to get productive in a new space.

We know it is a little hard to find efficiency when you are at the comfort of your own home. The secret lies in building good habits! Here’s how you can have a little head start.

Create your productivity space

You’ve dreamed about this. A space where you can truly feel comfortable. Now you get to have it. Arrange a space in your house where you can get inspiration to accomplish your day to day tasks. Adding indoor plants give a sense of calm and a fresh atmosphere. Try working by the window where there is a nice view and play a soothing background music. Be sure your seat is comfortable too and workspace free of mess to avoid distractions.

Set your daily intentions

It is important to project your daily achievements before you even start working. That’s the main secret to being productive as this maps out the things you need to do. In the morning, make a bullet point list that’s easy to follow. Be sure to make it realistic, meaning doable. You will feel a sense fulfillment when you’ve checked out your list at the end of the day.

Do pre-work preparations

One of the blessings that WFH gives us is time, plenty of it. Those two to three hours of commute you used to waste going to and from work before, these are now free time for you. Morning rituals are as important as doing the work itself. Cook yourself a nice breakfast and actually take your time to eat, there’s no need to rush. Say good morning to your family and friends via text or quick call. Have a little stretch or even do light yoga to get your body going for the day. When you do these, you’ll find a surge of energy to face your work.

Take your breaks

WFH should not be stressful. Set a work and break cycle so you won’t strain your body from sitting down and overwork your brain. Make your breaks longer and use it to recharge yourself. Have a healthy snack, scroll a bit on your social media, watch funny videos, go out to the yard and feel the sun and breathe fresh air. Relax.

Reward yourself

After a day’s work, congratulate yourself by simple rewards. It could be a sweet treat, a proper dinner, maybe even a glass of wine, an episode or two of that Netflix series as you chill, anything that will make you feel good. Do it because you earned it.

As would any new experience offers, it takes time to get used to something. Slowly building good habits are key to get through it. Good habits also build new skills and better attitude so that when you go back to the normal flow of things, you can give a fresh version of yourself.

Cover Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay