Pink-tiled bathrooms, pastel-colored appliances, images of iconic movies and figures hanging up the wall, maybe some antiques as decorations, such are the charms of retro days. Still, sometimes, you crave for the minimalist touch of modern designs such as geometric exteriors, naturally-lighted rooms, neutral shades and more. Oh, the dilemma!

Not sure how to settle a seemingly conflicting home-theme desire? Here are some photos from the model units of Montana Strands, a NorthPine Land property in Pampanga, that show a perfect blend of the retro and modern elements.

Notice the stylishly messy look of these living rooms at Nancy (left) and Sandy (right), model units? Such arrangement, like the printed throw pillows and fringed throw blankets randomly draped, give an almost mid-century feel. Some indoor plants and unique accents on walls make it more interesting too. The abundant natural lighting and neutral hues, two elements of modern design, give both a fresh touch.

Although with very contemporary appliances and color choice, the sweet touch as seen in the framed quotes and classic kitchen pieces in this Nancy model unit is a perfect example of retro-modern. Sleek yet homey.

Pink, neons, loud colors— these are undeniably retro tints. Stay minimalist by making it less cluttered with furniture, like this one at the Madison model unit (left). Or better yet, why not immortalize the bygone era by hanging images on your wall? How full of character and style is this bedroom at Ruby (right)!

Want more retro-modern home interior design inspiration? Check out Montana Strands. Pro tip, they are so much better in person so why not go see the model units for yourself? We promise it would be such a treat!

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