Oh, the joys of having little children in a home, giving laughs and lighthearted moments! For parents, these are the very instances that make raising kids a fulfilling experience. This is why having your own house and lot that exudes not only comfort, but a sense of protection especially for the little ones, is not a question for start-up and growing families.

Take note, parent homebuyers, these are the key elements your home must possess for it to be a safe and nurturing place for your tykes!

Ample open spaces

Children love to move around and explore. Be sure you do not have a cramped house where everyone keeps being in the way of one another. The kitchen, for one, is a very busy area especially if your family is big on food, so be sure there is enough space for your curious ones.

Sturdy railings and bannisters

Stairs can be tricky especially for toddlers just learning to walk. As basic safety elements, there must be solid railings and bannisters to block anything from falling and offer assistance handrails.

Bedrooms on one floor

Parents naturally respond to a child’s need at any given time. It may not sound as important, but just imagine going up and down the stairs in the middle of the night just to help your son go to the bathroom. To avoid such hassles and have better access to your kids, be sure the master’s bedroom is on the same floor as your children’s rooms.

Functional yard

Kids would always want to go out, play under the sun and run around. Aside from gardening and family outdoor barbecues, a yard with adequate space supports your youngsters’ needs to get active.

Rounded furniture pieces and proper installation

For safety inside the house, go for furniture pieces that will less likely cause any form of accident. The trick to avoid ones with sharp corners and edges which your toddlers or hyper kiddos could run into. These apply to tables, chairs, sofas, beds, among others. Strong and correct installations are also a must.

Secured neighborhood

Finally, how else are you going to have a peace of mind but in knowing that you live in a secured community where your children can go out and about freely and safely? Check that your neighborhood is well-gated, has patrolling guards, proper sidewalks and street signs, CCTV cameras, etc. Know your neighbors and ultimately feel comfortable.

Living with growing kids is not an easy feat. After all, they are babes in the woods and parents are dedicated to love, care for and protect them. To have the confidence that you live in a home which fosters a child-friendly environment eases the mind as you constantly work and look for the best things for your little ones.