Bread has been a piece of delight to every Filipino. Morning, afternoon and evening, we eat it! We all love it served with a cup of hot coffee, milk, or chocolate, sometimes as it is or with special spreads and fillings.

If you are one of us, a huge fan of this staple food, you must know that Pampanga is still the best place to go to satisfy your bread cravings. The culinary capital is home to LA bakeshop, known for making the most luscious and most flavorsome bread in town. They have already mastered the art of baking since 1985.

Bread Cheese

We had an indulging experience one day when we took a box of cheese rolls from LA for only P180. The first thing you’ll notice is the smell. As we opened the package, our cravings intensified as the scent of the freshly-baked and mouthwatering little balls of goodness enveloped the air, an experience that will certainly linger in your mind for a time. Then the taste comes after. Each piece was just bite-size but it’s filled with really good cheesy flavor. It was really delightful and gets even tastier as the cheese melts on your tongue. No wonder why LA Bakeshop is called “Home of the Original Cheese Bread”.

Bread Spanish

For only P210, we also had a box of Spanish bread, a classic Pinoy favorite. Its sweetness was just right and it is definitely finger lickin’ good, to say the least. The flavor is so rich, it is pure satisfaction. These cheese rolls and Spanish breads are best enjoyed when hot, so if you are taking them home, be sure to heat them up.

Bread Panaderia

The well-loved panaderia is situated at MacArthur Hi-way, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s just along the road so it’s easy to locate. LA Bakeshop also offers coffee and other drinks perfect for its selection of pastries. As to the place, it is well-lit and has a cozy ambience. Its interior is minimalistic but very comforting. So if you want to take a quick break, sit back and relax at this cafe.

What’s a shop without pasalubong options? Aside from their popular items, LA Bakeshop has a wide variety of nuts and chips perfect for takeaway. To get their full menu, contact them at (045) 436-0133.

Basket Bread

LA Bakeshop has branches in the cities of Angeles and San Fernando. A proof that it has already received so much love and support from our cabalen or Kapampangan locals.

Without any doubt, there is no other place like Pampanga when it comes to food. We cannot also discount the fact that innumerable opportunities constantly arise in this province. Everything you need for a vibrant living is here! Looking for home options? Have a look at our Pampanga properties here.