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Have you ever fancied feasting on luscious food while in a hut floating in the middle of a pond?

Somewhere in Pampanga, this food fantasy happens in reality. Have you ever been to Apag Marangle?

NorthPine Land had a firsthand experience at this uniquely-themed restaurant situated at Jose Abad Santos Avenue (formerly Olongapo-Gapan Roa), Santa Barbara Bridge, Bacolor, Pampanga.  Apag and marangle are two Kapampangan words which together mean “hain sa bukid” or “handaan sa bukid”, in English, it means “feast at the farm”. Suggested by its name, the restaurant’s dining area lies in the middle of a pond surrounded with lush greens which makes it really special and unique. The entire place, starting from the façade to the lovely huts and the sound of the moving water from the ponds, gives off a very fresh countryside vibe. This plus its rustic design, will make you feel so relaxed. It is a perfect break from the hassles of city life, a must-visit!

Food chicken

Fun fact! Apag Marangle gets the fish they serve directly from their ponds so you can be certain that they are freshly caught.

Located in Pampanga, known as the country’s Culinary Capital, expect nothing but delightful and delicious cuisines at Apag. It offers a great deal of options from our favorite bulalo, crispy pata, tokwa’t baboy, and chicken barbecue which all have a Kapampangan twist.

Food sisig

From their lineup of mouthwatering dishes, we got to try Litsun pata (roasted pork leg 585), Gule king gata (vegetables in coconut milk ₱220), Pepakbung tilapia (fried split tilapia 225), Pepalukluk manuk (roast chicken in sitting position ₱415), and Swam mais (corn soup ₱220). It did not take us long to eat the whole Litsun pata which was very crispy and looked so enticing. Gule king gata neutralized our taste buds being the only vegetable dish we ordered. It was creamy and the veggies were cooked just right.

Apag’s fried tilapia (pepakbung tilapia) was nothing but freshness.The fish meat was juicy but not so oily. Meanwhile, pepalukluk manuk was strange to our tongue so we requested it to be fried which tasted a lot better. Something you must try! Lastly, we had a pot of Swam mais which is perfect after indulging in heavy dishes. Having a bowl of this swam was a joy! To see their complete menu, check this out bit.ly/ApagMarangleMenu

Without a doubt, Apag Marangle offers a one of a kind gastronomic experience. It is one of the million reasons why moving to Pampanga for good is a wise decision. Hence, if that is something you are planning this year, choose Montana Views, NorthPine Land’s stunning community in Brgy. Panipuan, San Fernando-Mexico, Pampanga. This Modern American country-inspired residence is only a 20-minute drive away from Apag and more go-to destinations such as restaurants, historical churches, and museums.

Experience Pampanga with Apag Marangle and discover the promise of vibrant living!