Being known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, what will you expect from the beautiful land of Pampanga?

Without a shadow of doubt, it is food. NorthPine went to one of Pampanga’s restaurants that offers its manifold and finest cuisines in town. Nestled at the heart of the booming City of Clark, Pampanga is a uniquely-themed restaurant named Matam-ih Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine.

matam-ih place

The term matam-ih was derived from one of the varieties of Aeta languages which means delicious. Since its launch in 2014, Matam-ih has already been making waves because of its unique theme and mouthwatering dishes. It is situated at Lot 1-D, M.A., Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2010 and is just along the road.

The bucolic ambience of its location further adds Matam-ih a very inviting and welcoming vibe. The restaurant is spacious, so if you want to bring your whole family, friends or colleagues at work, go on!

Matam-ih’s set-up displays the very creative indigents’ traditional crafts which provide the place a feel of Pampanga’s rich and distinctive culture. The Aeta staff asking for orders and serving food are accommodating and approachable. Cool thing is, they are named after famous celebrities so you might be surprised if Piolo Pascual or Heart Evangelista serves your orders. This, in itself, makes Matam-ih different from other usual restaurants.

It also provides options as to where you prefer to eat. Whether you feel like eating inside an air-conditioned and well-lit room or you just want to revel in the fresh air and have a clearer view of the lush surroundings, Matam-ih can offer you both.

food matam-ih
food adobong salagubang

As to the food, Matam-ih is definitely a restaurant that offers a wide variety of Pampanga’s best cuisines.  If you are into exotic dishes, this is a place you would rather be. It offers adobong salagubang (beetles simmered in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic), betute tugak (fried stuffed frog), ginataang suso (native escargot cooked in coconut milk with vegetables), kalderetang bibi (duck in tomato based stew, potatoes and carrots with a hint of spiciness), ostrich sisig (chopped ostrich meat flavored with soy sauce, calamansi and  a dash of chili), pritong adobong camaro (mole cricket simmered in soy sauce and vinegar), pritong adobong pugo (quail simmered in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic) and pritong itik (fried wild duck). Their price ranges from ₱220 to ₱440. Give it a try!

food kare-kare

Aside from these, its kare-kareng liempo is something you should never miss. Accompanied by delicious bagoong, it will be one of the tastiest kare-kare you will have. For just ₱310, it is truly worth more than its price. Another dish we tried is sisig which tastes very well; not a sisig you can find everywhere. It really tastes so meaty so if you love meat, this is a must-try.

food fish
food pancit

Pancit guisado, on one hand, is also something that you should order in Matam-ih. It is so flavorful because of its ingredients such as sautéed rice, veggies, meat and shrimp. Speaking of shrimp, they also have what they call shrimpcharon which is their original crispy shrimp chips. For only ₱120, you will already have a bowl full of this.

food laing

Matam-ih also has their version of ginataang laing. This very creamy dish is worth ₱250, good for two to three people. About the drinks, they have plenty of choices. They offer juice, fruit shakes, coffee, and alcoholic beverages which start at ₱50. After a heavy meal, you do not want to leave this place without having sweets. For this, we recommend pandan sansrival which is a pandan-flavored sansrival cake topped with nuts. Its sweetness is just right and very luscious. Tastes like heaven! The serving is quite small for ₱195 but every bite explodes pleasure.  Other desserts range from ₱75 to ₱280.

Now, what’s more delightful than enjoying great food in a “culturesque” place?


However, if you are holding back because you think that it might be a mile and a day away, forget that thought. Matam-ih is just along Manuel Roxas Highway and is close to Clark’s go-to destinations.

In less than an hour drive from the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, where the thriving Montana Views community is situated, Matam-ih can be easily reached. There’s no worry to be stuck in terrible traffic because congestion of vehicle barely happens here. In addition, it is just adjacent to Clark Museum and only a stone’s throw away from Clark Airport and Clark Air Force City Park. Thus, after eating, there is still a lot more exciting things to do!

So if you are into food adventure this holiday season, Matam-ih is an ideal place to visit.