Tracing history is a long but a fun experience. Like its rails that endured the test of time, the rich and interesting story of the city’s colonial past is still alive and palpable at San Fernando Train Station.

Welcome to San Fernando Train Station Museum! The perfect place to take a trip down memory lane, or shall we say, memory rail.

Small as it may seem, this institution houses artifacts and historical crafts of major significance. It speaks a lot about the Spanish occupation in San Fernando City which left an evident influence on its culture and heritage. You can see that on their beautiful old churches and houses.

Pampanga Artifacts
The museum houses several visual artifacts, including old photos and old items, that tell the story of the train station.
WWW Death March
A slice of history. This sculpture shows typical scenes from the 1942 Bataan Death March.

NorthPine was able to roam around the museum and saw the amazing story that dwells here. More likely than not, you have already heard of the Bataan Death March. Here’s a trivia! Did you know that in 1942, San Fernando Train Station became the endpoint of the notorious 102-kilometer torture walk done by captured Filipino and American soldiers? This ran from Bataan to San Fernando. Truly, this city is a witness to a very important historical event.

J. Rizal Death March
The kilometer post showing the distance from Bataan to San Fernando as a marker for all the soldiers who participated in the Death March.

In addition, our National Hero Jose Rizal disembarked from this same station to visit his colleagues in San Fernando and Bacolor in June 27, 1892. Presently, it is a bare defunct railway station but news are circulating that the current administration plans to renovate the place. It is exciting to think of this old station coming back to life.

Jose M. Rizal
A sculpture of Jose Rizal sat on a bench at San Fernando Train Station.
Pic Memories
Snaps of the old San Fernando and the train station are hung inside the museum for visitors to see.
Mattock old
Artifacts such as old mattocks and charcoal ironing tools are also on display.
Lutuan old
Some old kitchen and dining utensils used by people from earlier times are also house by the museum.

Lovers of both history and travel, we urge you to visit this museum before any changes are done to it. During the tour, you will get a very cute passport containing an itinerary of the go-to destinations in the City of San Fernando. If you accomplish the list, the City Government will give you a Certificate of Completion. Wow! Being in the forefront of efforts in promoting its tourism, the local government maintains this museum and doesn’t require any fee when you make a visit.  Donations of any amount are warmly accepted.

Modern paintings showing the rich history of the train station as well as the city of San Fernando.

Located at the heart of the City of San Fernando, this place shows that before the region sparked immense economic progress, a lengthy and winding history honed it into a very promising city which we know today.  Without a doubt, it hasn’t detached from its roots through the years, offering cabalen a perfect balance of the old and modern feel. Pampanga’s culture made colorful by its rich history balanced by its thriving economy truly makes San Fernando a unique city. One could even say that because of this, it is an ideal place to live in.

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