Rolrens 2020

Have you ever wondered where the giant and shimmering lanterns lighting up the City of San Fernando come from?

Behind these dazzling lanterns lies an inspiring story Rolando Quaimbao, Pampanga’s one and only Parol King!

Winning four consecutive times in the region’s annual Giant Lantern Festival, the Parol King is recognized as a “hall of famer”. Here’s another fun fact! Rolando worked as a janitor in Saudi Arabia before putting up his small lantern business in 1986. He’s been giving life to so many beautiful and colorful lanterns ever made for over 30 years now. In the course of time, the world started to see the light of his brilliant creations. His superb craftsmanship has made Christmas even brighter not just in the Philippines, but also in other parts of the world such as Canada, USA and select European countries where his works are highly in demanded. 

Christmas parol

NorthPine got to visit RolRen’s Lanterns and General Merchandise which is the brightest spot in Pampanga. Why? Well, it is where Rolando and his wife Renita together with their team create Christmas lanterns of different shapes, colors and sizes. It will certainly brighten up your day when you see these works of art lighted up, illuminating the whole place. To get a feel of this, watch the video below.

Parol design

Here’s another good news. Despite their world-class quality, the prices of RolRen’s parols do not cost an arm and a leg. You have a wide array of stunning options which amount from P450 to P7,500. You can start collecting them now so when Christmas comes again, you are ready to adorn your house with these brilliant masterpieces.

During a short talk with the Parol King, who was an OFW back then,he shared that these lanterns made his dreams come true. These pieces of art totally changed and lighted up his life. Like his rags to riches story, his lanterns inspired our cabalen after the devastating Mt. Pinatubo blast. When the mayor commissioned him to decorate the whole city, it became a symbol of hope in the midst of uncertainty.

Parol Staff

Truly, holiday celebrations are even brighter and merrier at the City of San Fernando, the Christmas Capital of the Philippines! Interesting fact! This parol-making house is just a 20-minute drive to Montana Views, a community in Pampanga where life shines anew with its invigorating atmosphere and fabulous lifestyle spaces.

Now you know why RolRen’s Lanterns make the happiest season last whole year round in Pampanga, making the region a vibrant and ideal place to live in.